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G & J Tile & Floor Covering’s ceramic and porcelain tile offerings are second to none

Offering our customers the finest ceramic and porcelain tiles is one of the benefits of being in business over 12 years. G & J Tile & Floor Covering has built relationships with the leading tile manufacturers and artisan, to bring the best of the best to our showrooms where you will find tiles for

  • Backsplashes
  • Accents
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Commercial applications
  • Walls
  • Outdoors

The selection of tiles from American Olean, Daltile, Mohawk and Tesoro spans value and application considerations while maintaining the highest standards for manufacturing and aesthetics.


What’s the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles?

To begin with, all tiles are ceramic – made of clay, with differing additives, and fired over high heat. In the showroom, softer tiles fired with no glaze or with pigments only in the surface glaze are termed ceramic. Unglazed ceramic tiles are porous and must be sealed to prevent staining. Ceramic tiles are easier to cut for installation, but this quality also means they can be more prone to chipping. Premium glazes can reduce scratching and chipping.

Porcelain tiles have a higher mineral content than ceramic tiles. High pressure and very high heat make porcelain tiles very dense and hard-wearing. Through-body color porcelain tiles are the same color throughout the tile, reducing the appearance of chips. Porcelain tiles are used when high-definition digital imaging is part of the manufacturing process.

Whether porcelain or ceramic, tiles are beautiful, long-lasting, easy to maintain and are accessible to meet most budgets.

What’s new in tiles?

Tiles that are indistinguishable from organic materials like wood and stone are the result of advances in the application of high definition digital imaging to porcelain surfaces. For example, a box of maple-look tiles will have several different images of maple with different graining patterns – eliminating the dreaded duplication of images.

The strength and malleability of porcelain makes large-concept and textured tiles possible. Large-format tiles, exceeding 24”, with hones, rectified almost grout-free joints are an elegant and contemporary design statement. Walls and backsplashes pop with three-dimensional textured tiles ... think undulations or raised gridlines.

G & J Tile & Floor Covering serves customers in Foley, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Eastern Shore, Alabama. Call us or stop by our showroom in Foley to discuss the perfect tile products for your home remodeling project with one of our specialists.